Journey to Invention

The Ezee-Flip and the Ezee-Press have been brought to you by Howard Locker.

As a lifetime innovator and inventor,
Howard has never turned a blind eye to a problem that needed to be solved.

Learn about how these fantastic Ezee-Tools came into existence  from Mr.Locker himself!

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The Ezee-Flip!


I've been making homemade pancakes for many years on Sunday mornings. This started during my childhood and continued into adulthood. My family adopted the same Sunday morning practice.

There was a joke in the family that we should have an automatic pancake flipper since we made so many pancakes. This was my inspiration to come up with a solution, that didn't require a motor and batteries.

That's how EZEE-FLIP came to be. We are still Flippin pancakes on Sunday’s!


Have fun in the kitchen with the EZEE-FLIP Spatula:

  • Pressing the handles together twists the spatula head to allow easy flipping of pancakes, eggs, hamburgers, sausage patties on a griddle or pan.
  • EZEE-FLIP uses the power of hand rather than a twisting motion of the wrist. For individuals with wrist issues, EZEE-FLIP offers a helpful solution to cooking enjoyment. More accurate flipping than a conventional spatula.
  • Ideal for kids to use with their parents in the kitchen.
  • Heat resistant nylon spatula head, with stainless steel wire.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in China.

The Ezee-Press!


As a former kitchen gadget buyer for a well-known department store (now 150 years old), I've purchased, and used many brands of garlic presses.

I always found that garlic press handles were difficult to press even using both hands. Or the handles pinched the inside of the hand when pressing. Often there was more liquid than crushed garlic. Generally speaking, not easy to use, and messy. Not optimal results.

After experimentation, we found that a honeycomb shape on the inside of the garlic press plate, was more effective in allowing the garlic through, than standard round holes in the press plate. With our design, the garlic comes out in small chunks, without any liquid mess.

We designed the top and bottom handles in different shapes, with spacing between the handles to solve the "pinched skin" issue. The "hammer" that presses the garlic through the press plate is made from a cast zinc alloy, and the "spikes" on the "hammer" extend through the press plate to make clean up easy. Any residual garlic remaining in the chamber, can easily be removed by opening the side door. Clean under the faucet head, or simply place in the dishwasher.

We feel that the EZEE Garlic press addressed and corrected many of the deficiencies found in other garlic presses.


Have fun in the kitchen with the EZEE Garlic Press:

  • Easy-to-press garlic cloves with one hand, with or without peeling the cloves.
  • Unique hexagonal pattern in the press plate creates consistent garlic pulp without liquid.
  • Spikes on the "hammer" push the garlic through openings in the press plate.
  • Large capacity chamber.
  • Door unlatches for easy cleaning.
  • Heavy duty cast metal alloy components with nylon handles.
  • Ideal for kids to use with their parents in the kitchen.
  • Available in black, red, or green.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in China.

The Food & Wine Vacuum!



Maximum Taste, Minimum Waste:

That is the basis for all Airtender products. But that’s not all. The way we manufacture, assemble and package our products is also defined by our goals for sustainability and respect for people and environment. Our products are invented and developed in The Netherlands. Products are designed and engineered in the Netherlands by experts in the field, using the best quality materials possible. We also keep the high-tech production of parts as close to home as possible. All climate friendly, naturally. The parts themselves - as well as their packaging - are made of recycled, recyclable and/or sustainable materials. Assembly and packaging of Airtender products is done at inclusive workshops. This way, we give people with disabilities the opportunity to personally develop as well as contribute to the economy and sustainability. This is just an overview of how we work and why we do it.

Airtender innovation is unsurpassed. 


It just requires a few simple steps:




Forget plastic containers! Avoid microplastics! Besides storing food in the refrigerator or dry goods in a pantry, these vacuum jars can also be used to prepare foods. Pickle onions, prepare coleslaw, prepare fruit for sangria, even marinate foods under vacuum. You can instantly add flavor or keep food fresh up to 5x longer. No more rancid crackers or nuts. It's a real money saver! Stop wasting flavor, food, packaging and money!

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